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Green & Eco Funerals

Where an individual or family would prefer a green or eco-funerals we are on hand to help. We will use our extensive experience to provide support and assistance to the family on the best way to achieve this.

At O’Neill Funeral we have several different eco-friendly coffins available. All the coffins we stock are made in Donegal from sustainable, recycled or waste materials – using no varnishes, plastics or metals. See:


If you choose burial you will either need to re-open an existing grave or purchase a new grave. Family graves can usually accommodate two adult burials, depending on the cemetery.

When purchasing a new grave many cemeteries offer a choice of locations and prices, in which case we will arrange for the family to visit the cemetery to select a grave.

New graves are available for purchase in most cemeteries, we can provide further information on consultation.

Whether you are purchasing a new grave or opening an existing one there will be an opening fee, of which our staff will advise you when making funeral arrangements.